Sunday, December 8, 2013

Interview to ZENTROPA.NET

Спільнота "Зентропа"


E.LA.M. was asked by a well known ukrainian web site, for an interview. The responsible of the Foreign Affairs responded to all the questions that were presented by the team of ZENTROPA.NET. 
The main positions of E.LA.M. were introduced to the readers of the website ,concerning the actions of the nationalist movement and the problems that Hellenism is facing in Hellas and Cyprus.

The representative of E.LA.M. stretched the strong historical and religious ties that unite Greeks and Ukrainians.
The increasing demand for interviews by  international media makes evident that E.LA.M. is a well known and respected movement across Europe.

 Про це та інше йдеться в бесіді з відповідальним за міжнародні зв’язки кіпрської націоналістичної партії “ЕЛАМ” Стратосом Каранікалау.

You can find the interview,in Ukrainian, here

Національний народний фронт (Εθνικό Λαϊκό Μέτωπο – Ε.ΛΑ.Μ.) є націоналістичною організацією заснованою 2008 року.