Sunday, October 13, 2013


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On Friday the 11th  of October , the Greek Nationalists of E.LA.M. demonstrated at the streets of Lefcosia to show their solidarity to the imprisoned General Secretary and to  the MPs of Golden Dawn.
As it is already known the Prime Minister of Hellas, Antonis Samaras at an...important meeting in New York , publicly swore to eradicate Golden Dawn! The Hellenic Government is highly corrupted and is working against the interests of the Greek people who are suffering because of the economical crisis.

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E.LA.M.' s manifestation ended right in front of the Hellenic Embassy of Lefcosia where speeches were held and a decree of protest was handed to the personnel of the Embassy.
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The Greek Nationalists demanded the immediate liberation of the political prisoners of Golden Dawn and the end of the persecution of the Movement.
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Christos Christou- E.LA.M.'s President

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Petros Koundoureshis- Head of Paphos

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Geadis Geadi- Head of Lefcosia

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