Thursday, October 31, 2013


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On Sunday the 27th of October, E.LA.M. celebrated its five years of existence in the national, political and social scene of Cyprus.
The hall of “Semeli Hotel”, in Lefcosia was full of 400 people who participated excitedly at the congress.

Apart from the celebration of the five years, the structure of the movement was presented  to the followers.
Then various speeches were taken place and a video with  the numerous  activities of the movement was shown.
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The President and the members of the political council
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A living leggend- Mr. Karaolis an E.O.K.A. fighter

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Sotiris Ioannou - Youth Front

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Louisa Mina - Women Front

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Marios Vassiliou - Member of the Political Council
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Michalakis Michael- Member of the  Political Council
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Petros Koundoureshis- Member of the  Political Council

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Geadis Geadi- Member of the Political Council
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The President of E.LA.M., Christos Christou

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