Saturday, September 14, 2013

LEFCOSIA- Another large distribution event despite ban (Photos and Video)

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Another large distribution event was successfully completed by ELAM on Saturday, 7th of September 2013, outside our main offices in Lefkosia.
People started gathering outside our main offices in Lefkosia by 16:00 to collect large quantities of school goods, clothing and toys. People kept coming until the end of the event on 19:00 which shows that the government’s promised economic recovery is nowhere to be found.

Despite the sad economic conditions, the event’s spirit was rather festive. Lots of games, activities and healthy snacks were offered to our younger friends while the sparkling presence of our beloved actress Mrs. Doris Kyriakidou put a smile to everyone’s face.
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The smile and joy in the children’s faces is our response to the ban that was issued by the Municipality of Strovolos. The gentlemen there at the Municipality of Strovolos saw fit to ban our event from taking place at the Saint Demetrios park because it was directed exclusively towards our Hellene brothers. We want to let these gentlemen know that if they are looking for “servants”  to bow down before the rotten political system, they must look elsewhere.
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The determined Nationalists of ELAM made the event possible despite the ridiculous ban and the silly arguments. The free assistance reached our Hellene brothers as it was planned. As far as the people at the Municipality of Strovolos, we urge them to look at the event’s pictures as “A picture is worth a thousand words”.
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