Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Distribution of food and school supplies by ELAM’s Pafos Branch

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A large food and school supplies distribution event organized by the Social Solidarity Wing of ELAM was successfully completed on Saturday August the 31st, 2013 in Pafos. The event was jointly organized by our Pafos and Limassol branches. Dozens of our needy compatriots received assistance.

Our members received a lot of complaints by the people about the current situation and on how things are getting worse by the day. Printed material on ELAM’s positions and ELAM’s  Social Solidarity Wing’s actions were also distributed to passers-by, cars and shops.

There was great interest about our movement and lots of ordinary citizens expressed support for our struggle. In the difficult times of this crisis, people are starting to understand who really cares for them and who is playing ugly political games on their backs. We, the Nationalists of ELAM, will continue our non-stop struggle and it is certain that more assistance events will take place in the future.
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