Sunday, August 18, 2013

Paralimni- E.L.A.M. honoured the fallen heroes.

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Last Sunday, 11th of August, E.LA.M. honoured the memory of Isaak and Solomos at the town of Paralimni.
The two heroes were killed by turkishcypriot mob and by “officials” of the turkish pseudo state of Cyprus, seventeen years ago.

Hundreds of E.LA.M. members attended the ceremony at the church of the town and later they marched, under the hot sun, to the cemetery where they paid tribute to the fallen heroes.
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A delegation of the Hellenic Nationalists went to the place where Isaak and Solomos were killed, in the neutral zone near Derinia, where they burnt a turkish flag and sang the national anthem. 
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The President of E.LA.M. , Christos Christou.