Sunday, July 7, 2013


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Presence of Svoboda Party members of Ukrainian Parliament in Nicosia

MPs from the Ukrainian nationalist party Svoboda visited Nicosia on Thursday, 27/6/2013. On arrival the two MPs requested to visit the “Fylakismena Mnimata”. The guests paid their respects and were shown around by ELAM members as well as the veteran EOKA fighter Mr. Dimos Vryonides. They were then taken to Ledra Pallas where they had the opportunity to see the Buffer Zone as our members explained to them the Cyprus problem of illegal invasion and occupation by Turkey. Finally the guests visited the “Tomb of Makedonitissa” where they were informed about the ill-fated day of the Turkish invasion and the heroes who lie buried in the military cemetery.

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At the end of the tour the members of Ukraine's nationalist party Svoboda visited our central offices in Nicosia where they were presented to our party’s members and welcoming speeches were given to honor them. The first speaker was Mr. Geadis Geadi, head of our Nicosia branch who stressed the importance of good relationships between European Nationalist Movements. This cooperation among the peoples of Europe emanates through our ideology and aims in a Europe of Sovereign Nations rather than the opportunistic collaboration of all, the disastrous results of which are evident today.
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The next speaker was our comrade Stratos Karanikolaou,  head of ELAM’s International Relations department. Stratos presented the history of the Ukrainian Nationalist Movement and gave details on how they became the 4th largest political force in Ukraine with 37 members of Parliament, comparing them with the Golden Dawn of Greece.
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Our honored guests Andriy Mishchenko and Yuri Levchenko, Svoboda Party members and Members of the Ukrainian Parliament were next. They mentioned that they are particularly happy to be at ELAM’s offices in Cyprus and that they feel like they are in one of their own party's events. They stressed that the historical places visited earlier ought to be visited especially by the young and their story ought to be taught at schools.
They then went on to report on Svoboda’s policies as well as the persecution suffered by the mainstream Media, the Communists and the neoliberal right wing. They made perfectly clear that they do not believe that Turkey can be a part of Europe. Turkey does not belong to the European culture, it is situated outside Europe’s geographical borders and most importantly it is racially outside the European family. Finally they made a comparison between their actions and our actions and made a wish that both parties take power in their respective countries very soon.

The last speaker for the day was ELAM’s President, Mr. Christos Christou, who initially conveyed the warm nationalistic greetings of the President of the Golden Dawn of Greece, Mr. Nikolaos Michaloliakos. Christos praised the hard struggle of the comrades from Ukraine and mentioned the common characteristics between the Ukrainian and the Greek nations. A special reference was made on the fact that the beginning of the Greek Revolution against the Turks took place in the Ukrainian city of Odessa. At the closing of his speech, he presented a small gift to our Ukrainian brothers, ELAM’s flag.
The flag was received with joy and the Ukrainian comrades promised to raise it in the Ukrainian Parliament.

In contrast to many of our compatriots, our Ukrainian guests showed a great deal of interest in the Cyprus problem. They also promised to raise awareness about the Cyprus problem once they are back home. ELAM believes that by developing International Relations, millions of fellow Europeans can be informed about the continuing illegal occupation of Cyprus. 

Delegation of Ukrainian Party Svoboda visits Limassol

Dozens of nationalists from Limassol and Paphos were present at ELAM’s Limassol offices on Friday. The reason was the visit of Mr. Yuri Levchenko and Mr. Andriy Mishchenko both MPs of the Ukrainian Nationalist party Svoboda.
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Initially, comrade Stratos Karanikolaou reported on Svoboda’s history. The party was founded in 1991 and after 22 difficult years managed to secure 37(!!!) parliamentary seats.

Our esteemed guests were the next ones to speak and present their party’s political program as well as its modus operandi. They went on to pay tribute to the freedom struggles of the Greek Cypriots and stressed the depth of the Greek culture of Cyprus. They promised to stand by us in the struggle for the liberation of the island and the Union with Greece. They also mentioned the common history shared by the two countries as well as the common Christian Orthodox religion.
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The Ukrainian MPs then spoke about their different actions and ways they use to make their presence felt in the Ukrainian society. They reported that the Mass Media coverage is minimal and very hostile and for this reason the majority of their actions are at grass roots level while at the same time they manage to distribute a massive 1.000.000 copies of their newspaper per week!!! Their support for the poorer segment of the population is a given and they react strongly on any government plan that benefits the core capitalists, their focus is on the social as well as the national interests.  

The conditions of admission to the Svoboda party are impressive. All candidates must be ethnic Ukrainians, they must believe in God and they must have NOTHING to do with communism. There is an intraparty team that ensures that members follow the above conditions and that they remain faithful to the Nationalistic values. There is also a team of analysts made of economists and lawyers that studies in depth the current events and determines the party’s position and response.  

Our Ukrainian brothers once again expressed their respect and admiration for our General Georgios Grivas Digenis whose hideout and museum they had visited earlier in the day. They also conveyed their optimism for the future and wished that the next time we meet, ELAM will have a strong presence in the Cyprus Parliament. Finally, they urged us never to stop fighting for our Homeland and for a Europe of Nations, away from the capitalist regime of Brussels. 

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