Friday, May 10, 2013

Ukraine -Ternopil prosecutors, judges, police show their anti-Ukrainian teeth

Svoboda – Ukrainian nationalist political party
Bruised faces, torn clothes, scores of detained residents and beaten WWII veterans are the result of a shameful abuse of office by Ternopil prosecutors, judges and riot police who assisted political provocateurs in holding an unconstitutional gathering on May 9, said Verkhovna Rada lawmaker Oleksiy Kaida, commenting the attack by the riot police on protesters in Ternopil.

At its emergency session May 9, Ternopil city council session passed a resolution banning Soviet and Nazi flags in the city. The ruling was publicized on the council's website at 12.45 and was addressed to the prosecutor's office. However, a court with lightning speed overturned the resolution even though it didn't have a paper copy of the resolution, as the law requires.
Prior to the clash of protesters with riot police, the latter were notified they were violating the city council resolution.
In violation of the laws of Ukraine and Constitution, the police rudely made their way through the crowds of protesters, encircling and protecting Communist demonstrators who carried red flags.
May 9, the residents of Ternopil and Ukraine got yet another confirmation that Ukraine is a far way from being a rule-of-the-law state, Oleksiy Kaida said.
The nationalists accuse Ternopil law enforcement of violating the Constitution, inaction, abuse of power, illegal detention and arrest.