Saturday, May 25, 2013

Open food distribution event in Nicosia (photos)

A large-scale food distribution event was successfully completed in the district of Nicosia. Unfortunately, the response of the people was huge once again, proving the great extent of the economic crisis that our country is going through. Our compatriots received food, basic necessities and clothing. There was complete absence of coverage by the Mass Media while many of the ordinary people passing-by stopped and gave congratulations to our comrades for the social work performed.

The members of ELAM worked hard for long hours in order to complete this difficult task. A special word of thanks goes to our compatriots that supplied all these goods. The solidarity shown by our compatriots and members is ELAM’s most powerful weapon.
The event was scheduled to begin at 10:00, however people started gathering by 09:00 and so the distribution started half an hour earlier. Around 200 families received help. Among them people of all ages and vulnerable social groups, seniors, families with many children, disabled, even young couples. Everybody received assistance; the only requirement was for people to be members of the Greek family.
The event
The people were happy with the event and offered their gratitude and compliments to our movement. The greatest reward for us, as Nationalists, was the smile of hope in the faces of the young children who are suffering today due to the disastrous actions of failed politicians. One of the people characteristically said: “You (ELAM) are the only party that cared for us after the elections !!!”  Yes, dear compatriot, we are the National People’s Front, we are the people’s movement. We will stand by you without big promises but with actions for a better future for the people, the motherland and the future generations.

The event was concluded at 12:00 noon. The National People’s Front (ELAM) is planning similar actions in the near future for all districts of our country.