Thursday, May 2, 2013

Let’s Hear It For Democracy And Human Rights: Greek Police Attack And Chemically Spray Elderly, Children, And MPs!

Happening Today, Greek Police Attack Golden Dawn MPs And Crowd Of Needy Families
Leftists and Zionists of the world, the same who cry “police brutality!” when an Anarchist bank robber breaks a nail, today rejoice at the illegitimate Greek government’s orgy of violence and repression against its own people. This is news you won’t probably won’t see on the Guardian or the New York Times, except the propaganda version-  Athens Mayor George Kaminis, the stool of international usury, ordered a crackdown on a Golden Dawn food distribution scheduled for 10 AM, where Easter related goods would be given to impoverished Greek families. Golden Dawn parliament members, always leading from the front, approached Syntagma square in defiance of this flagrant violation of the Greek constitution, to be met with hundreds of riot police.

Golden Dawners managed to struggle through and get to the top of Syntagma Square with a truck holding tons of meat. Then police back up arrived, shamefully arresting the driver of the truck, and attacking Golden Dawn MPs. The police then chemically sprayed and gassed a whole crowd of needy families. Old people, children, and disabled, all were subjected to violence, working on orders of those who lecture about human rights and democracy. To them, native Greeks are not humans, and they have no rights!  Never the less , amidst the chaos, Golden Dawners fought through this and even were able to successfully distribute food to citizens, valiantly defending their post until the sustained attacks made it no longer feasible for citizens to reach them.
Once again the ruling traitors and occupiers of the Greek people show their vicious face. All responsible for the misery of the Greek people will be held responsible, no matter how high their position.  The food that wasn’t distributed at Syntagma Sq will be given away at the main Athens office, as usual, at 10.
The turnout to the Athens office, despite the risks and state terror, has been incredible. Those who fight for justice have nothing to fear: