Friday, March 29, 2013

Press Release. A few hours away from a new occupation.

Cyprus is facing a new occupation, our remaining land and our whole future is about to be enslaved to a new invader: The International Monetary Fund (IMF).
 It seems that the political posturing of the past few days combined with the artificial economic crisis created by the international moneylenders and their local agents has finally brought results.

It is clear that all parties share responsibility for this as due to their inaction and self-serving behavior they managed to bring the economy into this difficult situation.  

From day one we stressed our strong opposition to any deal with the international moneylenders in contrast to the shortsighted views of the other parties. We can see Greece as an example of where the Troika deal will lead our country.

We as the National People’s Front (ELAM), call all Hellenes of Cyprus to turn their back to the corrupt politicians and to join us into our struggle for a complete catharsis of the rotten political establishment. We demand that those responsible for today’s situation be taken to prison and their property confiscated by the state.

Press Office
National People’s Front (ELAM)