Sunday, March 24, 2013

Analysis: Behind the attack on Cyprus

 By Ilias Kasidiaris

 The tripartite government decided to support the despicable. usurious attack against Cyprus. It also undermined the bankrupt banking system of the country with unknown consequences for the future of Greece. Complete submission to the destructive policies of the European Union can only bring misery to the Greek People.
 What the Golden Dawn has been claiming from the first day of the Memorandum has been triumphantly confirmed. The this policy has only one purpose, the financial destruction of the nation. It brought no benefit to our economy. The supposed deficit reduction is just a magic image: It was reduced not by the income generated by production and the growth of the economy, but by cuts. If the Financial Minister fired everyone with one night, we would have a huge surplus and reach the level of Switzerland.

 As for Cyprus, the situation is even simpler: all this fuzz is about finding 5,8 billion Euros. Even the most ignorant know that the usurious attacks of the EU will cause a bank-run with innumerable consequences, not just for the Cyprian banks, but also for other nations of the South with a destroyed banking system. The damage that they will be called to pay for will be far greater than 5,8 billion. Yet they made this decision, primary for two reasons.

 According to a writer on the "New York Times" and a Nobel prize winner economist: "Cyprus is considered to be a tax haven, especially for the Russian businessmen. This means that the country has a huge banking sector, and rescuing it without "haircuts" would also save Russians of questionable integrity and morality. The big problem though, is that the haircut isn't only about big foreign deposits. The haircut of the small, local deposit is a bit smaller, but it is still important. The Europeans are holding a bright sign, that writes in Greek and Italian : "It's time to run to your banks"."

 The situation is a bit more complex. The Germans don't do this only to hit he black heads of the Russian Mafia. Or to simply attack the tax haven "Cyprus" to upgrade the German banks to safe storage places of the capital the Southern nations hold. Their goal is to prevent Russian expansion on the Eastern Mediterranean. It's not just the Mafia that launders money on the Cyprian banks. Gazprom proposed to the President of Cyprus "all or nothing": "I will give you the billions you need and I get in control of the Cyprian natural gas deposits". The Europeans live and breathe for the Greek-Cyprian deposits and try to cut off the Russians any way possible. The industry of the North has two options: It can either stay dependent on Russian energy or freeze. Like deus ex machina, Greece appears. The energy deposits of Greece-Cyprus will soon become the force behind the industry of the North and antagonize the Russian industry and the natural gas trade.  This explains Gazprom's interest on the Public Natural Gas Company.

 A Greece and a Cyprus with devastated economies and populations will be easy targets for the big oil companies that their states themselves call. It's anything but random that everybody "found out" about our energy deposits immediately after our subjugation to the Memorandum, and that the Cyprian economy, which was strong few years ago, collapsed once they started surveying the Cyprian ground for natural gas. There is only one solution: To resist the usurers and make good use of all the natural resources of our Nation for the interest of the Greek People. The usurious attack against Greece and Cyprus was the goal of the World Jewry: The deposits of the unified deposits of Greece-Cyprus will be the factor that will adjust the international financial game the next decades.