Thursday, February 21, 2013

Presidential Elections results- ELAM comes in at 4th place as the Memorandum is coming

The electoral process for the presidential elections was concluded a while ago with ELAM collecting 3900 votes.
In a climate of unprecedented polarization and terrorism coming from the parties of the main candidates, ELAM managed to maintain its percentages and to create a solid base as it established itself at the top of the parties outside parliament (yet).
Right after the official expiration of the campaigning season, on Saturday morning, the various party mechanisms went into overdrive violating any electoral laws and instructions given by the Superintendent of Elections.

Specifically on Saturday morning up until Sunday during the elections, thousands of mobile phone messages were sent to non-partisan voters showing misleading election results with various scenarios that favored one or other candidate. The provocative actions from assorted party staff went on.
Since Friday ELAM’s headquarters received thousands of citizen complaints even threats from different people such as: “you will lose your job” etc.
The climate of intimidation continued and was intensified even in polling stations, where party members illegally tried to seize people’s votes up to the last minute.
Despite all the intimidation up to the last minute, ELAM managed to secure the 4th place overall, among 11 candidates. A solid foundation for the future was set and it is now crystal clear that the Nationalist People’s Front is the up-and-coming political force in Cyprus.
Despite all these our struggle doesn’t end with the past election since Nationalists are not made to serve special interests or to sit on comfortable chairs. As usual all other parties will return to their everyday misery ignoring the real problems of the people. But ELAM’s members will continue to be right next to the people serving all social groups. We will not stop until the last of our fellow citizens is up and awake to the difficulties we have to face.
Finally we would like to thank our supporters, members and officers of our movement for this difficult battle that we all voluntarily gave. We want everyone to know that ELAM will never sell out their voters and supporters and will continue to be in the forefront of our National struggles until our National rebirth is achieved.