Friday, January 4, 2013

Thousands of people attended the presentation of ELAM’s Presidential Candidate

More than a thousand five hundred friends and supporters of our movement attended today’s presentation sending a strong message of optimism for the upcoming presidential elections.
 The event started with a speech by Mr. Geadis Geadis head of our Lefkosia chapter, who covered the problems faced by our society at this day and age, and the increasing momentum that our movement shows at the moment. Next up, Mr. Geadis Geadis presented ELAM’s Presidential Candidate, Mr George Charalambous.

Our Presidential Candidate Mr. George Charalambous thanked ELAM’s president Mr. Christos Christou and our political council for their trust and confidence. 
He stressed the need for a Nationalist presence in the elections since no other candidate seems to be up to the challenges of the times. He then presented the positions of our movement regarding the important issues our nation has to deal with.

Regarding our National problem Mr. George Charalambous stated that ELAM is against any federal type of solution and that the Cyprus problem needs to be presented in its true form as a problem of invasion and occupation by a foreign country. Finally he promised that he will do everything within his powers to complete this difficult task ahead.
Next up was Golden Dawn MP Mr. Ioannis Lagos who expressed Golden Dawn’s full support on Mr. George Charalambous’ presidential run.He recalled GD’s rapid rise in Greece and expressed certainty that ELAM will follow a similar path and will soon take its rightful place in the hearts of Hellenism in Cyprus.
Our next guest was Golden Dawn MP Mr. Elias Kasidiaris who responded to all vile attacks regarding GD’s visit to Cyprus. He went on to describe the huge social services offered by Golden Dawn to suffering fellow citizens in Greece. He further expressed certainty that Cyprus joined the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) at the time that Germany is looking for energy sources other than Russia.
Concluding our presentation, ELAM’s president, Mr. Christos Christou invited all members and friends of the movement to strongly support our Nationalist candidate for the Presidential elections in February.
He thanked attendees for their valuable support in the Nationalist movement’s struggle for our people’s historical rights stating that the struggle does not end and is not limited to electoral contests.
The event came to an end with our National Anthem.