Sunday, January 20, 2013

Review of the January 15th, Anniversary March commemorating the Referendum on Union with Greece.

On January 15th, ELAM honored the anniversary of the Union Referendum that took place 63 years ago. There was a march to the historic Holy Temple of Faneromeni in Lefkosia, the place where the oath to unite with Motherland Greece was taken.

The Youth Front once again displayed the qualities that set it apart from the rest by a thunderous and disciplined presence.  Lots of older members, EOKA fighters among them, took part in the march. They were happy to see that the Youth Front is in the forefront of all national events at a time that young people are hypnotized by the mass media.
Once a traitor, always a traitor…
In the 1950’s a sad minority was opposing our liberation struggle and went on to betray and fight us with all means possible.  Just like in the 1950’s a small group of people supported by the left (the same left that honored the traitors of EOKA’s struggle) tried to unlawfully block our march. They moved behind the police lines and tried to use democracy’s name in order to step on our constitutional rights. Finally, the intimidation attempt failed as the leftists did not wait to listen to our security team’s arguments and left. The event space was cleared and all speeches were made according to plan.
Ana(n)stasiades and ELAM
ELAM’s Nationalists honor the people that shed their blood to Freedom at the same time that Mr. Anastasiades declares openly that he envisions a common army with the Turkish-“Cypriots”. We expect our free spirited patriotic fellow countrymen to recognize what Mr. Anastasiades’ role is in the political game and to reward him accordingly in the elections and in their everyday life.
Mr George Charalambous, ELAM's Candidate for the Presidency
At a crucial historical moment where old style political parties are negotiating our National Independence with the international moneylenders it is our Sacred Duty to remind to our people of our heroes that fought for Freedom and preservation of our thousands of years-old Greek Identity.    
Various speeches of ELAM's members.