Monday, January 28, 2013

Hundreds of people attended ELAM’s Presidential campaign event in Lemesos.

Our main speaker was our Presidential Candidate Mr. George Charalambous, who along with ELAM’s President Mr. Christos Christou, received a warm round of applause upon entering the event room.
 Once again our members and friends from Lemesos showed up in numbers with great enthusiasm and high spirits. It is clear that ELAM’s dynamic is strongly improving.

Mr. Pambinos Mesaritis, the head of our Lemesos branch, opened the event by greeting all members and friends. Mr. Mesaritis went on to praise our Presidential Candidate Mr. George Charalambous for his contribution towards our movement’s struggle, and presented
Mr.  Charalambous with an honorary plaque on behalf of our Lemesos branch.

Mr. George Charalambous

Next on the podium was our Presidential Candidate Mr. George Charalambous who gave sincere thanks to all attendees. Mr. Charalambous analyzed the problems that Cyprus is facing at the moment and presented the solutions that ELAM is proposing. He stressed the need for national reconciliation and unity in the uphill struggle to regain our lost dignity. In closing, he sent a message of victory for the upcoming presidential elections.
Mr. Geadis Geadi

Our next speaker was Mr. Geadis Geadi, head of our Lefkosia branch. Mr. Geadis spoke about how the Mass Media conceal our numbers from the polls while at the same time there is a continuous increase in our percentage. In closing, he compared ELAM’s members to the antibodies that fight against the sick system that governs Cyprus today.
Mr. Michalis Michael

Next up was Mr. Michalis Michael who urged the people to stand by us and to fight against the rotten political establishment.
Mr. Christos Christou

Our last speaker for the evening was the founder and President of ELAM Mr. Christos Christou.
The President stressed the need to put our economy back on a development track and analyzed the ways proposed by our movement. He called all members and friends to join in the battle of the Presidential Elections so that ELAM will end up a winner. Finally he called all Nationalists to join him in the upcoming annual Memorial Service of our General George Grivas Digenis.

The event came to an end with our National Anthem.