Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The National People’s Front (ELAM) in support of Families with Many Children

A delegation of the National People’s Front (ELAM) Nicosia branch got together outside parliament today. This was in support of Families with Many Children against the unbearable measures put forward by the Government and parties by agreeing to the Troika Memorandum.

Our delegation was warmly welcomed by dozens of members of Families with Many Children who were attending the gathering and members of their organizing committee approached us to express their gratitude and most importantly to express their serious concerns about the new unbearable measures. We stated that we fully approve of their dynamic reactions and fully support their just cause.

The National People’s Front (ELAM) is firmly against the unbearable measures of the Government that dissolve the sacred institution of the family and undermine the future of our country. We emphatically declare that we will use every legal means to assist the Families with Many Children in their justifiable cause.