Saturday, November 17, 2012


The Youth wing of the National People’s Front (ELAM) had a dynamic presence at today’s demonstration condemning the illegal declaration of the Turkish pseudo-state on the occupied territory of northern Cyprus.
Hundreds of students started the demonstration from our main offices and went through the capital’s main avenues all the way up to the Ledra Palace roadblock border in the center of divided Lefkosia.
The main slogans heard were against Turkey, the pseudo-state and also the upcoming Troika Memorandum. The flags of Turkey and the pseudo-state were burned in front of the Parliament in defiance of those who aspire to deliver Cyprus to the hands of the Turk.

In front of Ledra Palace our march was blocked by a sizeable police force. In the meantime EFEN’s march reached Ledra Palace as well. Our Youth wing respectfully offered enough space to EFEN since they were also protesting the illegal declaration of the Turkish pseudo-state.
The Praetorian Guards of the Communist President Christofias obviously did not appreciate the cooperation of the two groups. They were dressed up in anti-demonstration gear and without provocation started shoving and beating the students.   
Despite the violent response by the police the students were not intimidated and the police was forced to retreat and stand right in front of the UN blue-helmets, in front of the buffer-zone.
A crystal-clear message was sent: The students are here, alive, strong and with high esprit de corps   against anyone that wants to rob them of their country and heritage. At the same time, some other people at the Saint Kasianos border post were attempting to show a “patriotic” face in order to gain a few votes while at the same time repeating the “reunification” fairy tale. 
We call on all Young People, to turn their back to all politicians responsible for the current situation and to join hands on our National struggle for a Free Hellenic Cyprus.