Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The inauguration of ELAM’s Central Administration Office in Nicosia

The inauguration of ELAM’s Central Administration Office in Nicosia was successfully completed on Sunday, November 4th, 2012.
A multitude of people, members and friends of our movement were present.
The event started with the traditional Orthodox blessing and proceeded with speeches by Geadis Geadis, head of the Nicosia chapter, and by Christos Christou, the President of E.LA.M. After the end of the speeches, a modest reception was held.

Christos Christou  thanked the attendees for their support and stressed the necessity of increasing
the number of friends and members of the National People’s Front (ELAM). In this manner a strong impetus will be given to the struggle for the defense and preservation of Hellenism in Cyprus, a struggle that was initiated by ELAM.
Concluding, our President sent the message that the National People’s Front (ELAM) will be in the forefront of our National struggle.

In a similar tune, the head of our Nicosia chapter  Geadis Geadis emphasized the huge problems that our society is facing at the moment. Our National Problem, illegal immigration and the economic crisis were discussed. Geadis made special mention to our solid anti-federation position and also stressed the necessity of avoiding the tentacles of the Troika.
Despite the oppression of the regime and its lackeys the National People’s Front (ELAM) remains faithful to its principles and every and each day is embraced by more and more disillusioned citizens. A true Popular Nationalist movement is reaching every corner of Cyprus sending a message of hope to the Hellenes of Cyprus.