Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Greek crackdown on illegal immigrants = Thousands of mass arrests!

Greek authorities have this week begun one of the country's biggest crackdowns yet on illegal immigrants; they have so far deployed some 4,500 police around Athens and have detained more than 7,000 immigrants in less than 72 hours.
Although most have since been released, approximately 2,000 of them, mostly Africans and Asians, have been arrested and sent to holding centres pending deportation.
On Sunday, 88 undocumented Pakistanis were deported via plane, back to their home country.

"We will not allow our towns, or our country, to be occupied and become a migrant ghetto," said Athens' public-order minister, Nikos Dendias.

"The country is being lost," he told Skai TV. "What is happening now is [Greece's] greatest invasion ever. Not since the Dorians invaded some 3,000 years ago has it received such a flow of immigration."

An estimated million immigrants are believed to live in Greece where the population is barely 11 million.

The right-wing party Golden Dawn has, as we know, seen its popularity soar recently, with the party capturing an unprecedented 6.9% of the vote in parliamentary elections six weeks ago.

Talking about the crackdown on illegal immigrants, Dendias has insisted it was an imperative move designed to preventing the debt-stricken nation sliding into further chaos and collapse.

Of course, the key point here is that when almost 7% of the population vote for an 'extreme' party, the ruling government tries to head them off at the pass by taking action, or at least by making the noises and looking like they are taking action!