Thursday, July 19, 2012


"National Power" is a nationalistic movement of Latvia whose main principles are - Strong nationalism, traditional values and social justice. We are an ideological organization who refuses any cooperation forms with the existing anti-latvian system and as our main principle we hold that within our people and territory Latvian nation is over everything else!
Our organization is a reincarnation of an older organization - "Helsinki-86" or the most important organization for the national revival of Latvia and Latvia's separation from USSR. Even now the first "Helsinki-86" members are close to our organization.
One of the main principles of NP is the cooperation with other European movements, so we believe that the revival of ENF (European National Front) is an essential tool for the victory and struggle of all European movements.
We welcome our brothers-in-arms in Cyprus - E.LA.M and we are looking forward to cooperation between both movements.
As we say in Latvian - Cīņai Sveiks! (Heil Struggle!)

Kārlis Apalups
Representative of National Power