Thursday, May 24, 2012

"10 times worse than the BNP"

Simon Darby

The chances of the Greek people pushing the button on the Euro grow greater every passing day. As soon as they go back to the Drachma I'll be doing my Nationalist duty and flying over there to soak up some sun and wine, supporting their economy in the process. There's not many bookies out there now prepared to offer a sensibly priced bet on their exit, or escape as I like to see it.

Meanwhile a couple of weeks ago in the House of Commons, London Labour MP John Cryer delivered a far less optimistic appraisal of the situation in Greece:

What really worries me, although not so much in respect of this country, is that in many countries across western Europe—particularly Greece, Spain and Portugal —we are starting to see the beginnings of the rise of the far right. Take Golden Dawn in Greece, for example. If we think that the British National party and the English Defence League are a dangerous bunch of fascists, we should see what Golden Dawn are like—they are 10 times worse. For the first time ever, Golden Dawn has representation in the Greek Parliament. That is a direct result of the appalling austerity measures unleashed on the Greek people. Unless there is a change of direction in the eurozone and this country, my fear is that right across Europe we will see the rise of the far right.