Friday, January 6, 2012


On Wednesday the 4th E.LA.M. organized a manifestation against illegal immigration and the disoccupation that causes.
According to the late census in Cyprus the number of the immigrants has raised from 64.819 in 2001 to 179.547 in 2011. Plus the number of the illegal immigrants which hasn’t been added.
The main slogan of the Hellenic Nationalists was: “ For every immigrant corresponds a Greek unemployed”
The march through the streets of Lemesos was well accepted by many people who took part in it.

In front of the statue of the hero of the liberation struggle of EOKA  Grigoris Afxentiou, five members of the National People’s Front –E.LA.M made speeches about the second worst problem of Cyprus. The first is the turkish occupation of the Northern part of the island.
The great participation of the people plus the positive results at the last elections show that E.LA.M. is at the right way.