Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thousands of nationalists march in Poland

On the 11th November (National Independence Day in Poland) there were two very big nationalist marches. One was organized in Warsaw by various organizations and associations and was attended by 25,000 people. The other was in Wrocław and was organized by the National Rebirth of Poland party (NOP). It attracted over 3,000. 
The below clip shows the march in Warsaw:
This clip shows the March in Wrocław:
The media in Poland have gone crazy over the sheer size of these marches.  
Nick Griffin MEP is in correspondence with a representative from the NOP, Daniel, who has been very helpful in relating the events affecting nationalists in Poland. Daniel was kind enough to translate the NOP's official story about the March of Patriots and their Congress, which is reproduced below.

On 11th November 2011, the 93rd anniversary of our Independence Day, the March of Patriots took to the streets of Wrocław city, organized by the National Rebirth of Poland, a nationalist political party. 
Despite all the manipulations, half-truths and lies that the mainstream media has been pushing about us, 3,000 people decided to take part in our demonstration. 
Among Polish White and Red flags and NOP banners, national flags from Sweden, Ireland, Italy, the Czech Republic, Flanders and Spain were flying in the wind, including European nationalist banners of such organizations as the Italian Forza Nuova, Spanish Movimiento Social Republicano (MSR) and Swedish Svenskarnas parti (SvP). 
3,000 proud Poles and other Europeans were on our side, while on the other side was only a pathetic handful of liberal janissaries branding themselves as "antifascists". 
Our march didn't have a nostalgic character. Tradition AND Revolution, the past - tribute to our unforgotten heroes, and the future - hope and belief in the need to destroy this anti-nationalist regime. We put our values against the plagues of our times. We managed to march in glory, and we will manage to do so every time. 
The National Rebirth of Poland board of directors would like to thank all participants of March of Patriots. We thank our foreign guests, who, by their attitude, proved that there is no real alternative for modern nationalism, free from chauvinistic phantoms. It was our day. 
Video of the march:
On the 10th November 2011, 30 years passed exactly since the longest-existing Polish nationalistic movement (after WWII), the National Rebirth of Poland, was created. On this occasion, on the 12th of November, we held the Congress of our movement under the slogan "30 years of struggle". Delegates from across the country came to Wrocław, along with delegates of respectable nationalist movements from across Europe. 
The event was preceded by a Traditional Catholic Latin Mass in one of Wrocław's chapels.  The Congress was opened by our chairman, Adam Gmurczyk, who shortly summarized the last 30 years, stressing that it was the NOP who were responsible for developing the formula for a modern kind of European nationalism in Poland. 
We then honoured the memory of our great comrades who have passed away, with a minute of silence. Memory is a duty. After a moment of reflection, we read a message from Derek Holland to our party members. He is the author of Political Soldier, an excellent book, and a close friend of our movement. 
Then our colleagues started their lectures. The topics were "idealism and political pragmatism in our national-revolutionary fight" and "Third Position - national-revolutionary struggle yesterday and today". 
After these two lectures, there was a short break, during which our good writer Sławomir Dawidowski was able to promote his book Eva Perón - the first Lady of Nationalism - a first Polish biography of great female leader from South America. 
The next part of Congress belonged to our honourable guests. The first speech was given by Roberto Fiore, former MEP, leader of Forza Nuova and contributor to our NOP magazineSzczerbiec. In his speech, he analysed the situation in Europe and singled out the international banksters as our greatest enemy. He also proposed some concrete solutions to that problem. 
Then, a speech was given by Stefan Jacobsson from Svenskarnas parti (Swedish Party). He presented us information on his movement, on the ideas of SvP and their activities, and expressed hope for closer relations with us and with other European nationalistic groups. 
Our Spanish friends from the Republican Social Movement were represented by the leader of their Madrid section, José Luis Vázquez. He gave us a great lecture, comparing the history of Poland to the history of Spain, especially in terms of similar experiences with communism. 
The last speech in English was made by our comrade from Ireland, Robert Lane, who represented an autonomous group of Irish nationalists. 
We received congratulations and words expressing solidarity with us from the leader of the French Anti-Zionist Party Yahia Gouasmi, and from the nationalistic organization from Cyprus, ELAM. 
The authorities of the National Rebirth of Poland (NOP) would like to thank once again our comrades from Spain, Italy, Sweden, Flanders and Ireland for being with us on the march and our congress. There is no alternative to cooperation between real nationalist and national-revolutionary movements. People of the European Nations need to fight back. Long live our nations, our fatherlands, our Europe!
The full report in Polish with photos and video can be read here.
A short video synopsis can be seen here.

Nick Griffin MEP had this to say about the Polish March and NOP Congress:
“Isn't it great to see people all over Europe standing up for their traditions and culture and against globalism? We, like our Polish comrades, see the hypocrisy of the Euro Political Class and their talk of ‘human rights’ and freedom but only for those with whom they agree! We've seen the mask slip not just in Poland but also with the heavy-handed tactics used against the EDL youths on Poppy Day. It shows that Nationalists must co-ordinate their efforts to defend freedom and their national rights against the globalists who care only about money.”