Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pseudo state and commercial relations

The Turkish position has always been for the pseudo state to gain the possibility to develop commercial relations with the outside world. That is, with other countries and specifically with the European Union. The Turks and consecutive leaders of the occupation regime know that it is not possible for them to demand political and legal recognition of the occupation regime innorthern Cyprus . United Nations resolutions (541, 550 and others), decisions by other international Organisations (UCHR, Commonwealth and others) forbid the recognition of the pseudo state. That is why, what they are after are commercial relations, which indirectly give international status to the pseudo state as a result of which they serve as one step before full recognition.

Because, when one aircraft lands at the illegal airport of Tympou, this means that some “Authorities” have control of the air space and give permission according to international air control rules. Only states have such authority, therefore in this way the pseudo state is recognised through a side way.
This is why the Turkish Minister for Europe E. Bagis, is begging for at least one aircraft of France,Britain or Germany to be allowed to land “legally” at Tympou and then, he promises, the ports and airports of Turkey will be open for Cyprus! In actual fact he is trying to surpass Turkey’s European obligations, in exchange for something that harms crucially the Republic of Cyprus and uplifts the pseudo state. And in order to reinforce his argument he even claims (as an example) Taiwan, that the whole issue is solely a matter of commercial relations. But Taiwan is a totally different case. Taiwan first of all does not have an army of occupation.
This Turkish policy for the development of commercial relations abroad is put into action with the creation of “Offices” in different countries, and which are regarded as “commercial”. In reality, though, these are politico- diplomatic offices promoting the pseudo state, because they are created and retained in the name of the occupation regime. Therefore, any recognition to these “offices”, indirectly leads to recognition or notification of the existence of the pseudo state.
It is for these reasons that we have expressed our strong reservations and anxieties for the lawsuit filed in the USA some two years ago, against the pseudo state as a “commercial enterprise” by Greek-American lawyer Athan Tsimpedes, on behalf of 1037 Greek Cypriot refugees. This is what the Turks are precisely after, to be recognisedashavingcommercialrelationswiththeoutsideworld. Andalawsuitin
the American courts makes them legal litigants, independent of the way the case proceeds.
The dangers are many. Besides the indirect recognition of the pseudo state, the American court may come to a decision to refer the 1037 Greek Cypriot land owners for the compensation they are after to the so called “Compensation Committee” (since it is a... creation of the UCHR) and thus to enforce its status, at a moment that the Government of Cyprus and the political parties are trying to neutralize it.
Some things are so obvious and self evident. The commercial relations of the pseudo state that E. Bagis is after, must not also be confirmed by an American court, independentofthefactthattheobjectiveofMr.Tsimpedesandthatof his1037Greek Cypriot clients is to hit the Turkish occupation and disgrace the pseudo state.
They achieve, without them wanting this, precisely the opposite.