Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Never has the term "people power" seemed more relevant than today. In the past few months, mass demonstrations in the Middle East and
North Africa, together with sit-ins in Spain and Greece, have shown that mass protests can challenge apparently immovable power structures. The mass demonstrations in Cyprus outside the Presidential Gates over the past two months,  however, are unlike those in Greece . In Cyprus the youth are not selfishly marching against low wages or for more government jobs--they are 20,000 strong and resemble more than anything else a grass-roots national uprising for self-determination.
On July 11, 2011, an explosion happened that proved yet again why Cyprus is a land of heroes, 13 young men went to help other people
who would be burned alive in an explosion at Mari that injured over 60 other young men and destroyed the largest electricity generator on the island. 

The saddest part of this tragedy is that those young men did not have to die, the explosion was not set by a foreign invader, it happened due to the criminal incompetence and negligence of a regime the youth of Cyprus have likened to a junta. The 13 – seven sailors and six firemen – died when 98 containers filled with munitions confiscated from a ship sailing from Iran to Syria blew up on the morning of July 11. The containers, mostly filled with illicit weaponry, had been stacked in a single solid cube exposed to the elements for over two years, because the ship carrying them was intercepted and forced to shore thanks to American interventions. And Mr. Christofias, keeping his allegiance to lunatic third world dictators in Syria and Iran , refused to accept the American, the English, the French and other European offers to examine the containers and destroy them or move them away from Cyprus . Irresponsibly the decision made at the top was to house the dangerous load in a military no-fly danger zone, next to the most expensive and important generator on the island, its destruction led to shortages all over the island for a month, with six months needed to bring water and electricity sources back to normal.
The Mari 13 demonstrations had an impressive turnout showing the power of peaceful grass-roots resistance. The first demonstration
outside the Presidential Gates in July were met by tear gas and batons by the regime’s police. Mr.Christofias’ AKEL political machine has made sure to staff the ranks of the Nicosia police force with the party cadre. Buses from outlying areas were pulled over and searched, and police brutality was noticed by the international press.
While democracies in Poland and the former Soviet Union that have lived through the true terror of that ideologie’s police methods and
genocida lphilosophies attempt to pass legislation through the EU to outlaw the ‘hammer and sickle’ in Cyprus, AKEL is the only ruling Communist party in Europe.
And for the past three years Mr. Christofias has done much in his interior and exterior policies that would have made long gone but likeminded dictators like Josip Tito or Enver Hoxha proud. Crackdowns for “thought crimes” have included arbitrary arrests of writers critical of
“dear leader” such as the confiscation of the computers of a blogger and his arrest. The charge : suspected to be behind the “Christofia Watch” site! The bank manager who wrote “Ealo Kypros!” ( Cyprus has fallen) describing a dystopic Cypriot future under racist bizonal bicommunal federation also faced arrest and official harrassment, and the same has gone on for a myriad of citizen groups critical of “the party ”. American Senator Menendez who supports the US embargo on dictator  Fidel Castro, publicly remarked in a letter to Mr. Christofias “while I campaign for the human right to property denied by Turkey to Greek Cypriots in Cyprus , you go to visit Fidel Castro who has committed gross human rights violations against Cuban people.”
Like Tito who armed the terrorists that exterminated 100,000 Greeks in the aftermath of the Second World War and Hoxha and Stalin who
forcibly displaced the Greeks inEpiros and the former Soviet Unioninto hostile Muslim-dominated enclaves, Mr. Christofias and his party harbor an intense dislike of all things Greek. It’s AKEL that’s responsible for the dreaded rumours that ‘Greece invaded Cyprus’ or that ‘Greece split Cyprus with Turkey’ it was Mr. Christofias who equated Greece with genocidal Turkey in his recent visit to Washington DC, going as far as to claim that Turkey is a so-called ‘motherland’ for the island of Aphrodite. It is AKEL that is against any recognition of Turkey ’s crimes against the Greeks and the Armenians during the first quarter of the Twentieth Century. It is under Mr. Christofias reign that Hellenism by government intervention has been forcibly diminished starting with the 6th grade revisionist history books and continuing with the admission of 50,000 illegal Turkish barbarian
settlers in his talks forbizonal bicommunal federation.
It was against this background that on the evening of September 12th 2011 I witnessed the greatest outpouring of Hellenic pride and
anguish over the death of fellow Hellenes I have ever seen in my 39 years as a Hellenic patriot and activist. Twenty thousand young
people filled the street outside the presidential gates on that evening , to hear the speeches of the mothers and fathers Mari 13, who have
been shamelessly labelled as ‘fascists’ by the limousine riding clique of criminals assisting Mr. Christofias.
To put this in perspective, the largest Greek gathering in the USA was 20,000, which has roughly 3 million Greeks and that was in August 1974 days after the second Turkish invasion of Cyprus , and it made the front page of Washington Post and world headlines. The 20,000 who have been gathering for the Mari 13 are in Cyprus , an island with a population of only roughly 650,000 Greeks. So 20,000 is far more than just any other demonstration-- its equivalent to the thousands who poured into the streets calling for justice against the Hungarian Communist secret police in 1956,or , given the relative proportions the thousands of youth and common ordinary people who brought down other Communist monsters such as Milosevic or attempted to like many thousands who followed Lach Walesa in Poland but were cut down by the Soviet junta.
They are gathered for a just cause, justice for the 13 men who died as heros in Mari.
And they are gathering regularly, its time for worldwide Hellenism to take notice. The circles of overfed limousine riding businessman that have access to Mr. Christofias and his apparatchiks in the homeland or in the diaspora will never be the ones to change history. As always it will be the people of Cyprus , the people who took on the British Empire and won. The people who despite all the traitors in Hellenism, said NO to Annan in referendum.
Mr. D. Christofias appointed an one man Committee to investigate the tragedy, this man is lawyer Mr. P. Polyviou. All officials involved have
testified in a public hearing including President Christofias himself. Mr. Polyviou’s report is expected to be completed within the next few
days. And the demonstrators are awaiting for Justice.
It is the people of Cyprus who will get justice for the Mari 13 and overcome the death rattle of Communism.

New York - Nikolaos Taneris, Press Officer, Cyprus Action Network of America ( CANA )