Friday, June 17, 2011

Don’t Let the Turks Invade Europe Again

For the third time in the last five centuries, the Turks are threatening to invade Europe. Only this time, the rulers of Europe are inviting them in.
The decision to let Turkey join the European Union opens the way for over 70 million Muslim Turks to flood into Europe, including Britain.
The decision by the European Union Foreign Ministers to let Turkey ‘join Europe’ flies in the face of the facts of geography and culture and the clear wish of the citizens of all the current EU member states.
In every single Member State there’s a majority are against letting Turkey join.
* Turkey is not a European country geographically. 95% of its territory is in Asia. The 5% in Europe consists of Eastern Thrace and the ancient European city of Constantinople, the only bit of the former Turkish Ottoman conquests in Eastern Europe not yet to be restored to its rightful owners.
* Turkey is not a European country religiously. The armies of Islam brutally slaughtered and ethnically cleansed its Christian minorities in 1915 and 1923.
* Turkey is not a European country culturally. The Turks speak the language of the Central Asian barbarians who overran the formerly Greek-speaking Asia Minor after invading it in 1071.
* Turkey is not a European country politically. After centuries of vicious, corrupt and decadent rule by its Sultans, the current Turkish Republic was established by quasi-fascist dictator Kemal Ataturk nearly 90 years ago.
Since then the country has alternated between rule by corrupt politicians and military dictatorships. Its legal system has for decades been a byword for brutality and corruption, and despite some recent cosmetic touches to keep Brussels happy until it gets EU membership, the country is far from civilized in its standards of freedom.
When the Islamic Turkish hordes were last battering on the gates of Europe, in 1529 and 1683, it was the Austrians who heroically beat them back from the gates of Vienna.
At the initial EU negotiations to approve Turkey’s membership it was Austria again who stood alone against this Islamification of Europe.
The Austrian Government, supported by over 80% of the Austrian people, defied Brussels and said no to Turkish membership.
But last time, the rest of Europe came to her aid.  When Vienna was about to fall in 1683, Jan Sobieski, King of Poland, arrived in the nick of time with virtually the whole of his army, leaving Poland undefended, saving the day and Europe.
This time the rest of Europe shamefully kowtowed to the Turk. The Poles sat on their hands, whilst most disgracefully it was Britain who sided with the Turks in yet another pathetic bid to curry favour with International Islam.
In the end gallant little Austria was forced to back down and the gates of Europe were thrown open to the hordes of Asia.
And didn’t the Turks gloat over this with their top daily newspaper, Hurriyet, crowing: ‘Vienna has fallen: Turkey, repulsed twice in history from the gates of Vienna, now enters Europe.’
The Brussels version of ‘Europe’ will share borders with Iraq and Syria. A hundred million Turks will have the right to move in and settle anywhere they like within our communities.
But we don’t have to let them into Britain. By leaving the European Union we can halt the Turkish invasion at the English Channel.