Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Story of Modern Multiculturally Enriched Britain

By Maid of Kent – After a two-month trial at the Old Bailey, a jury found Santre Sanchez Gayle and Izak Billy guilty of the contract murder of Gulistan Subasi in Hackney, East London in 2010. 
Allegedly hired as a hitman by Subasi’s ex-husband Serdar Ozbek, Gayle was 15 years old at the time of the murder and was caught after boasting of the event to his friend, Ryan Hatunga, who went to the police after Billy threatened to kill him.
At the end of the trial it emerged that Gayle’s half-brother, Donnel Carty, was jailed for life for the murder of lawyer Tom ap Rhys Pryce during a robbery in 2006, while Gayle’s cousin, Lloywen Carty, was also given a life sentence for the killing of Lee Subaran in 2004.
This now commonplace tale of murder and mayhem on the streets of our capital city neatly encapsulates the horrors inflicted on the British people by decades of mass uncontrolled immigration and the degradation of daily life in our country – a short 50 years ago known as one of the most peaceful on earth.

Apart from the mention of the case of Tom ap Rhys Pryce, who was murdered by a relative of the accused, not one of the people involved in the murder of Gulistan Subasi is indigenous to Britain, including the Turkish victim, killed at the London home that she shared with her mother, Dondu Subasi.
The victim’s ex-husband, Serdar Ozbek, who lives in Wood Green, London, was cleared of Gulistan Subasi’s murder after the court heard that he was in Turkey at the time of the killing.
Not one media report about the trial has indicated why the Turkish victim, her Turkish mother and Turkish ex-husband were, and in the case of the last two, still are, residing in Britain. Given that Hackney, the area where the victim and her mother were living, is not an affluential middle class area where highly skilled immigrants would choose to live, one must ask if the victim and her mother were not here for their skills and, if this is the case, why were they here?
While the politicians from the criminal Lib/Lab/Con fraternity have sought, and still seek, to convince us that mass immigration has been good for us and Britain and that only the highly skilled have been allowed to come here, the evidence proves the lies behind their multicultural propaganda.
With the names of the accused, their associates and relatives all indicating a non-indigenous ethnicity, an indication borne out by their mugshots published in the msm, their lawless and dysfunctional lifestyles have introduced an alien, malignant and unwanted culture on our people and country.
The 15-year-old murderer, Gayle, had been previously abandoned by his own mother and left to fend for himself in a flat in Kensal Green, London – an action that most native British people will find incomprehensible but is known to occur in certain non-indigenous communities, the consequences of which are borne by the rest of us who experience the lawless results of such feckless parenting.
That the Lib/Lab/Con politicians still seek to convince the British people of the ‘success’ of their unwanted mass immigration policies and their supposed ‘enrichment’ of our national life – and even of our continued ‘need’ for such immigrants – it is unlikely that they will allow the truth to be revealed about the total abject failure, and horrendous cost, of their betrayal of responsibility to the British people.
That they allowed the mass uncontrolled immigration of unskilled people from cultures which are totally alien to the British people in order to fill low-paid jobs – and to keep those jobs low paid – to satisfy the greed for larger profits and increased ‘growth’, while allowing the British people to bear the social costs associated with importing such low skilled workers, is criminal and immoral.
That our country is now awash with unskilled immigrants, and their often unskilled and unemployable offspring who pay no heed to our culture or laws, means it is time that the British people reclaim their homeland from those who have taken it as their own, but to do so, we must elect politicians who are proud of our British culture and traditions and who will defend our way of life instead of those who will sell it for their 30 pieces of silver.