Thursday, May 26, 2011

Greece must get off its knees and bring back the Drachma

24th May 2011: The fact that its boss had just resigned after being locked up in a New York jail on sordid rape charges clearly hasn’t stopped the International Monetary Fund from throwing its weight around in Europe.
 Within hours of the details of the allegations against disgraced IMF supremo Dominique Strauss-Kahn were emerging in New York - involving a West African immigrant hotel chambermaid which are not fit for repeating on a family website such as this - his sidekick Poul Thomsen was in Athens wagging his finger at the Greeks without a hint of shame.
Thomsen, head of the IMF Euro-crisis bailout team in Greece, bluntly told his hosts that the way they were going they would be lucky to get their budget deficit down to 10% of GDP this year, let alone meeting their target of 7.6%.
The arrogant apparatchik of international finance told the people of one of the birthplaces of European civilization that they must pull their socks up, suffer a lot higher taxes and unemployment, and sell off a lot more public property if they wanted to see a cent more of IMF money.
The eurozone Finance Ministers chirped in on the same lines, putting Athens in the Naughty Chair in their meeting in Brussels the same day.     
We can only wonder how much more of this the Greek nation is prepared to take before they get off their knees and stand up to New York and Brussels as once they stood up on behalf of all Europe to the Turk and the Persian.
Before they throw off the chains of debt slavery, break free of the Euro and bring back their real currency, the Drachma.  This was their currency which was in circulation amongst scholars and soldiers in the magnificent marble cities of Greece, when Brussels was a few mud huts in a bog and New York a swamp inhabited by stone-age savages.