Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ELAM: putting the Greeks of Cyprus first

THE NATIONAL Popular Front, ELAM, is one of new four parties running for the parliamentary elections of May 22 and seeks to give a voice to the “Greeks of Cyprus”.

The main battle grounds for ELAM are the Cyprus problem, immigration and education.

Vital to their efforts is the support of a “combat-ready youth, just as the times demand.”

ELAM calls for the state to implement policies “to protect the interests of the Greeks of Cyprus”, said ELAM head and Nicosia Member of Parliament candidate Christos Christou.
“The Cyprus problem is one of Turkish invasion and occupation,” Christou said.

As such, all crossing points should be closed as free movement “sends the message there is no problem of occupation”, Christou said.

“The Turkish Cypriots are not our brothers. On whose side were they during the 1974 invasion?” Christou said.
The history of the Republic between 1960 and 1974 has demonstrated that Turkish and Greek Cypriots “cannot live in harmony”, Christou added.

For ELAM the only viable solution is to have a strong central government to cater to the Greeks of Cyprus and to the extent that it must, also to minorities including the Turkish Cypriots.

Part and parcel of bringing the focus back to Greek Cypriots includes strengthening the national guard and having a Greek education which does not “eliminate our history for the sake of a fake reunification”.

A very important issue for ELAM is that of immigration.

“We are not against foreigners. This is a myth,” Christou said but added that the state should control the influx of immigrants, including asylum seekers and legal job seekers from outside the EU.

ELAM’s believes Cyprus has been overwhelmed by large numbers of immigrants resulting in an increase of unemployment and crime.

“We should call a spade a spade; it’s not our concern what will happen to these immigrants when they leave Cyprus. We care about the survival of the Greeks of Cyprus,” Christou said adding that only the necessary foreign workforce should be allowed entry.

ELAM is fielding a total of 16 candidates, four for Paphos and Nicosia and two for the remaining districts of Limassol, Famagusta, Larnaca and Kyrenia.