Sunday, April 17, 2011


The declaration of European Nationalist Parties

Nationalist parties all over Europe are against the presence of illegal immigrants in our continent. Millions of people from the third world, most of them muslims, have settled in the territories of the European countries.
Nationalists seem to be the only ones who build a wall of resistance to  the invasion of their countries. Looking back into the Hellenic history the Greek people  have suffered a lot from uncivilized countries that exist in our neighborhood.
Nowadays one of the major problems of Hellenism is the possible entrance of Turkey in the European Union. That will bring millions of Asian people not only to Greece and Cyprus but also to the rest of Europe. Taking a deep look into the current situation of European states I think that none of them can afford such a legal invasion. I would like to remember the illegal  invasion of Turkey to Cyprus in 1974 which caused  the occupation of 40% of our island , thousands of missing people ,loss of lives and of properties.
As I mentioned earlier Nationalist Parties are against the membership of Turkey in the E.U. because it is a country with a criminal past which can not be considered as a nation’s History.

Therefore I would like to express my disapproval for the article “ Turanism instead of Euro-Atlantic Alliance “of the president the Hungarian Jobbik . If Mr. Gabor Vona wants to be the representative of Turkey and Azerbaijan in Europe then he will be the representative of the Turkish murderers of the Greek people in Asia Minor ,in Constantinople, in the Black Sea, in Greece, in Cyprus not to mention the slaughtering of the Armenian people!


European Nationalists believe  that their continent should be based on the Hellenic and Roman civilization and on the principles of Christianity which is the leading religion.

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Stratos Karanikolaou
Foreign Affair Committee