Monday, April 11, 2011

French Government Backtracks over “Burka Ban” Policy

By Stephen Palmer – France is set to ban the wearing of full Islamic veils on Monday, but French ministers are already watering down their promise in order not to offend Muslims. 
In a document issued to police, Interior Minister Claude Guent has warned officers not to arrest any Muslim women wearing veils “in or around” mosques.
The instructions make a mockery of the supposed ban on wearing burkas or niqabs in “public spaces”, which includes parks, shops, cinemas, restaurants and public transport.
Policemen are also not allowed to remove veils or arrest the wearers; instead they have to "invite the person to show their face in order to check their identity and establish a fine".
If the woman does not comply, they may take her to the nearest police station "as a last resort" but must not either place her in custody or keep her waiting for more than four hours. If anyone is actually convicted, they will face a fine of £125.
The legislation is designed to apply to all face coverings, whether religious or not, and will also pertain to wearers of items such as balaclavas.
Although France has a huge six-million-strong Muslim community, it is claimed that the ban will only affect 2,000 women, who wear the niqab, the full veil covering that hides the whole body except for a slit across the eyes (left).
When the “ban”, such as it is, comes into effect on 11 April, France will become the second country in Europe, after Belgium, to ban the garments. Future bans are also considered possible in the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.
Although women face fines and “civic duty” guidance if they break the law, men who force wives or daughters to wear burkas will face up to a year in prison and fines of up to £25,000.
The move to ban full-face coverings – as well as Nicolas Sarkozy’s posturing about sending Tunisian immigrants back to Italy, and a forthcoming “debate” about Muslims in France – is widely believed to be a ploy to win back disillusioned voters who have gone over to the country’s real nationalist party, the Front National.
While it is also British National Party policy to ban the burka and niqab, we realise that simply banning a piece of cloth will not alone deal with the problem of increasing Islamification of our country.
We will also ban ritual slaughter and the building of further mosques in Britain. We demand that Islamic immigration be halted and, where possible, reversed, via voluntary resettlement grants, as it presents one of the most deadly threats yet to the survival of our nation.
We are the only party to correctly identify the twin causes of Islamist terrorism in Britain: (a) mass immigration, and (b) a biased British foreign policy that serves to incite Muslims living in Britain.
Islam by its very nature is incompatible with modern secular Western democracy, and we remain implacably opposed to the LibLanCon regime’s mass immigration policies, which, if left unchecked, will see Britain and most of Europe colonised by Islam within a few decades.