Saturday, April 2, 2011


On the 1st of April the militants of the National People’s Front were gathered in Lefkosia outside the “ Imprisoned Tombs” in order to pay a tribute to the fighters of the war of liberation (E.O.K.A.1955-59).
The fighters of E.O.K.A. who were tortured and killed are buried at that place.
The Cypriot Police denied the entrance  to the Greek Nationalists by bringing ridiculous excuses.
In addition, when a survivor fighter of that era, Mr. Avgustis Efstathiou,asked them to permit the entrance to E.LA.M. members  he was treated with violence.
Mr. Avgustis was saved by the militants of the National People’s Front. As a result four of our members were arrested.
We have to remember to the free world that in Cyprus the majority of the government comes from the communist party.