Sunday, March 20, 2011

Turkey still occupies Cyprus with force of arms

9TH MARCH 2011: YESTERDAY afternoon in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Andrew Brons made this speech, under the Catch the Eye procedure during a debate on the Turkey Progress Report 2010.

The MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber told his fellow MEPs:
"The Report is rather given to understatement:
"Significant efforts are needed on fundamental rights", it says.
The author Orhan Pamuk escaped prosecution for a heretical view of Turkish history, only because of his international fame. The law is still in place. Could the EU possibly tolerate the suppression of heretical academic opinion in a member state?
Later, the Report says:
"There is no progress towards normalisation of relations with Cyprus".
In plain language, this means that Turkey still occupies with force of arms, the Northern third of that country, expropriating the property of Greek Cypriots, desecrating and plundering their places of worship and burial.
Until Turkey withdraws its troops unconditionally, returns property and repairs damage, there should be no relations at all with Turkey - let alone negotiation for its EU membership."