Monday, March 14, 2011

The Asiatic Muslim despotism that is Turkey

11th March 2011: The Islamist regime in Turkey, an applicant for European Union membership, has imprisoned a number of its political opponents, including some independent journalists, on trumped up charges of “plotting to overthrow the Government”.

Two journalists, Nedim Sener and Ahmed Sik, were detained on Sunday. The following day Government critic Yalcin Kucuk and four more journalists were jailed.
This all follows a series of raids last week on the homes of opposition activists and independent journalists by the secret police of the Islamist AK regime in Ankara. This in turns followed the arrest of the owner of Opposition website Oda TV and two of his colleagues last month. The Turkish Journalists’ Association spoke of a “climate of fear” amongst Turkish journalists.
The Turkish Islamist regime accuses its opponents of being involved in the “Ergenekon plot”, a supposed conspiracy by Turkish nationalists and Army officers to preserve the secular legacy of Kemal Ataturk and save the country from sinking into the medieval Muslim darkness from which Ataturk dragged it 90 years ago. Mr Sener had further annoyed the Government by writing a book accusing its secret police of murdering ethnic Armenian journalist Hrant Dik. The Christian Armenian minority in Turkey, like the Kurds, are brutally oppressed by the Islamists. The Muslim regime denies the Armenian Holocaust in which two million Christian Armenians were exterminated by the Turk during the First World War, jails anyone who does not toe this line, had Mr Dik murdered for questioning it and has now jailed Mr Sener for saying they murdered Mr Dik.
The Islamists are expected to win again in a dubiously free general election in June. The ruling AK Party’s campaign will be aided by their regime’s evident intent of throwing all its opponents in jail well in advance of polling day on trumped up charges.
And the EU continues to entertain this quasi-dictatorship’s application for membership.
But how an Asiatic Muslim despotism, 97% of whose land area is in Asia (and the other 3% is the occupied European city of Constantinople, which is not and never can be Turkish), whose language and people come originally from Western Mongolia, and whose religion and culture are profoundly alien to Europe’s can seriously be considered a possible member of something called the European Union will baffle only those who expect any sort of common sense or reality to prevail in Brussels.