Monday, February 28, 2011

Three New Articles by Fanoulla Argyrou

The Cyprus Action Network of America is press releasing today three articles of utmost importance published by London based Greek Cypriot researcher Mrs Fanoulla Argyrou.  One refers to the recent events in Egypt,  titled “Egypt: Who is to dominate the area Washington or London?”, published on 14 February 2011, by popular “Kypriako Pontiki”  on its 18th February 2011 edition and  in the meantime copied on various other blogs worldwide. The other two articles  refer to British documents, one for Greece and the other for Cyprus both related to Turkey, oil and the Aegean. 

Provocative Turkish position of 1979 over continental shelf and sharing of the Aegean – Greece decided not to declare its exclusive economic zone 

What really happened days before the 1974 coup and Turkish invasion with focus on the Aegean OIL?
Whilst Greece strangely is hesitant to declare its own exclusive economic zone in the Aegean following Cyprus and Israel doing so and recognising each other’s limits, well known researcher of British Archives Mrs Fanoulla Argyrou has published two more revealing articles on the issue in Cypriot daily “Simerini” on 22 February 2011 and 24 February 2011.  The first article reveals that Greece had made some concessions towards Turkey since 1979. In an attempt to reassure the Turks the Greeks offered certain undertakings, including guarantees of freedom of movement for Turkish shipping over areas of Greek continental shelf; that neither party would declare exclusive economic zones in the Aegean’ and that neither would place offensive weapons in the seabed on its own continental shelf. And although the Turks had apparently shown no interest in these ideas, according to the British documents, they produced a most provocative map claiming half of the Aegean and refusing to recognise continental shelf even to the island of Crete 

. To see the relevant Turkish map with their demands to share the Aegean 

, please open link to Simerini’s pdf page 6 : 22022011.pdf . 

And the question that arises is this: Do all those Greek concessions of 1979 still stand and is that the reason the Greek Government hesitates to declare its own exclusive economic zone? If so what is the position of the Greek Parliament? Do the Greek MPs agree with those concessions, do they ratify such concessions towards Turkey or not? And if not they should declare their rejection and call upon the Government to proceed with a declaration of delimitation of its own E.E.Z. 
The second article of Mrs. Argyrou of 24 February 2011 in “Simerini” titled “1974: Oil – the Aegean – Cyprus 

” reveals a new connection to the Cyprus issue, days before the July 15 1974 coup and the subsequent Turkish invasion of 20th July. The article sheds some new light on the events of 1974 and refers  to some very secret back stage machinations between Greece, Turkey, Britain and America over OIL deposits in the Aegean. With the Turks demanding from Greece to solve their differences including the 

Cyprus issue once and for all through bilateral talks. To this, the Greeks according to the documents, were not agreeable,  because what the Turks actually aimed at was a revision of the Lausanne Treaty with a view to take over a number of Greek islands with their eyes on the Greek oil of the Aegean. To view copies of the  British documents please open following link to page 12: 24022011.pdf