Thursday, February 24, 2011


The greatest nationalist march of all time took place on 29th January, 2011 in honor of the fallen heroes of the Hellenic Nation.
The march which is organized by the National Remembrance Committee with main support from Golden Dawn was a complete success, and also a show of resistance against the Zionist occupation forces, such as the International Monetary Fund.
Over 10.000 comrades and supporters gathered at the monument site to offer their respects to the fallen heroes of the glorious Hellenic Nation, specifically to the three young naval officers of the Hellenic Navy who died in 1996, for faith and country when their helicopter was shot down by the Turks, our eternal enemies.
Following the ceremony a grand march took to the streets at the center of Athens. Our message against illegal immigration and the enslavement of our country to the International Monetary Fund reverberated throughout Athens, thus we sent a thunderous message of resistance to the traitorous politicians of our country who are serving the interests of international Zionism.
The day after this grand gathering and march, our 7th annual convention took place with a great number of members and supporters showing up, during which we set goals for our political future.
As a reminder, the general secretary of the Popular Union –Golden Dawn- was elected during the last regional elections in November 2010 with a 5, 3% of the popular vote in the municipality of Athens, thus gaining a seat in the city’s municipal Council.
Golden Dawn continues with undiminished strength, its political action throughout the entire country our only goal being a greater Hellas in a free Europe.

From the foreign press office of the Popular Union Golden Dawn-