Sunday, January 9, 2011

Westminster Parties Want Turkey in EU as Greece Builds Wall to Keep Them Out

The treasonous Westminster parties have renewed their efforts to bring Turkey into the European Union — and thereby do away with all border controls — just as Greece has announced that it will build a wall to keep Turks and illegal immigrants out.
The contradictory nature of the two policies appears not to be understood by David Cameron, Nick Clegg or Ed Miliband, as all three of those leaders and their parties continue to insist hysterically that Turkey be allowed to join the EU club.
A short while ago, Mr Cameron promised to "fight" for Turkey's membership of the European Union and said he was “angry" at the slow pace of negotiations.
Speaking during a visit to Turkey, Mr Cameron said Turkey could become a "great European power" and help “build links with the Middle East.”
In November last year, Mr Clegg publicly “expressed the Coalition Government’s firm support for Turkey’s EU membership plans” during a meeting with Turkish president Abdullah Gül.
The Labour Party has long endorsed Turkish plans to join the EU, with its former Foreign Secretary David Miliband saying last year that his party “remains strongly committed to this vision of Turkey becoming an equal member of the EU.”
Even France and Germany, the dominant partners in the EU, are at odds with Britain’s establishment on this issue, and it is primarily due to those two nations’ unwillingness to agree to Turkish EU membership which has held up that process.
In Britain, the British National Party alone pointed out that letting Turkey into the EU would open the floodgates into all of Europe not only for tens of millions of Muslim Turks, but also for all of the Middle East as well.
Turkey has already relaxed border controls with most of its Middle Eastern neighbours, which is one of the primary causes of the massive influx of illegal aliens using that nation as a springboard to invade Europe through Greece.
According to Greek interior minister Christian Papoutsis, more than 100,000 invaders entered Greece last year through Turkey alone and that around 90 percent of all illegal immigrants into the EU have come through Turkey.
It is the increasing numbers of invaders which has driven Greece to take the extraordinary step of announcing the building of a wall to keep out both the Turks and the illegal immigrants moving though Turkey into Europe.
The failure of the Turkish government to control the invasion has led to plans to build a wall along Greece’s 128-mile border with Turkey.
The first stage of the wall’s construction has already been completed. It is a 10-ft high eight-mile-long trial fence which covers a section of the border near the town of Orestidada, a main entry point for the Third World invasion force from Africa and Asia.
The bizarre situation has thus been reached where the British establishment parties want Turkey in the EU and are in favour of extending the freedom of movement protocol to anyone in Turkey, while at the same time Greece is busy building a wall to keep the Turks and their illegal immigrants out.
Such insanity could only occur in the madhouse which is the EU, and should be, under normal circumstances, enough evidence on its own that Britain needs to leave the asylum as quickly as possible.