Thursday, January 13, 2011

Letter by former Minister N. MARTIS to the Syrian Ambassador in Athens on the recognition by Syria of FYROM as MACEDONIA‏


Former Hellenic Government Minister
8 Kessarias Street, Athens, Greece, 115 27
Tel 210 777 8800/620 4826

His Excellency
Mr Houda El Houmsi
Syrian Ambassador
61 Diamantidou Street
P. Psychico 154 52

22nd November 2010

Your Excellency,

Allow me to introduce myself. I was a Member of the Hellenic Parliament for sixteen years, twelve and a half of which I served as Undersecretary of Commerce, Minister of Industry and Minister of Macedonia and Thrace in the Governments of the late President Constantine Karamanlis and G. Rallis respectively.
I fought during the Second World War as Reservist Officer and took part in the battle along the Macedonian fortified positions during the German invasion of April 1941, in the battles of El Alamein (Africa) and Rimini (Italy) and in the battle for the liberation of Athens in December 1944.
I visited your beautiful country twice. In 1943 as Reservist Officer of the so called Rimini Brigade when, following a military training at Palmyra, we went on to Italy (Rimini); and in 1967 as Undersecretary of Commerce at the opening of the Damascus Exhibition.
I was motivated to write this letter because of the erroneous decision taken by Syria to recognise FYROM as «Democracy of Macedonia». A decision which, unfortunately, forces Syria to deny its very history.
As it is historically known, following the death of Alexander the Great, his Macedonian successor Seleucus took over the administration of the Asian area of the Persian Empire, part of which was todayʼ s Syria. He built a great number of Greek cities in Syria, such as Seleucia, Laodicia named after himself and his own relatives, as well as cities that took their names from Macedonian cities such as Veria and Edessa and archaeological sites such as Dion, Pella and Amphipolis.
The geographer Strabo, born in the first century B.C., who visited Syria and came across numerous cities that bore the names of cities and archaeological sites of Macedonia, long before the Slavsʼ arrival in the 7th century A.D., became so impressed by the plethora of Greek cities that he aptly called Syria «Macedonia Minor». Evidently, he must have regarded it as part of historical Macedonia, as all these cities had exactly all the Greek characteristics of the Macedonian cities. A long shot from the fraudulently fabricated State in 1944 by Tito, with Stalinʼ s consent, in order to take control of the Aegean and thus serve the expansionist plans of the Soviet Union.
Strabo recognises in a statement that «Macedonia is also part of Greece». The Old Testament mentions that «The Greek King will vanquish the Persian King» (Prophet Daniel, Chapter 8)
The Maccabeans commence with: «Alexander the Macedonian, Philipʼs son, vanquished Darius».
Apostle Paul visited the cities of Macedonia, Thessaloniki and Veria, which bore the same Greek names they did before Christ. He preached in Greek and wrote letters to the inhabitants of Thessaloniki and Philippissious in Greek.
340 Professors of American and other Universities, specialised in history and archaeology, have forwarded a letter to the President of the USA Mr Obama, in which they outline the historical evidence, asking him to revoke former President Bushʼs resolution by which he named FYROM «Macedonia», ignoring the USAʼ s firm policy on this issue. Unfortunately, advisors, who either lacked knowledge of history, were naive or suspicious must have misled him and made him expose the American people.
Consequently, Syria, as well as other countries that recognised Skopje as «Democracy of Macedonia», should revoke their decision. Otherwise, the inhabitants of Syria, in particular, will be regarded as descendants of the Slavs.
Please find enclosed a copy of my book, «The falsification of Macedonian History», which has been translated in 7 languages and a DVD of the documentary «Macedonia, the Hellenistic civilisation as far as Asia» by Photis Constantinidis; two works which will no doubt help you recognise the historical truth.


Former Hellenic Government Minister