Monday, December 6, 2010

Turkey Slammed By MP Ewald Stadler

New York- The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) urges all activists to call, write and email Austrian MP Ewald Stadler to thank him for his courage and honesty in exposing Turkish Crimes against Christian minorities in Turkey. In a resounding speech last week directed towards the Turkish Ambassador, the Austrian MP Ewald Stadler condemned the knifing and public beheading of a Catholic Archbishop in Turkey and said openly to Turkey and its Turkish settlers in Europe: “We didn’t ask you to send us all the illiterates of Anatolia, Turkey sent them here, We haven’t asked you to send up your stone age Islamists from Anatolia eitheir”

Although the Cypriot government has spent millions of the Greek Cypriot refugees tax money on the so-called “lobby” in America for decades, we have never seen or heard such honesty from an American Congressmen in regards to Turkish barbarism in Cyprus . Basically , all that is ever heard out of the mouth of American Congressmen, for all that money spent, is support for bizonal bicommunal federation which is basically a Turkish plan. That is why we ask that we all write to Austrian MP Ewald Stadler to thank him and enlighten him on Turkish atrocities against Cyprus an EU member in the hopes that he speaks for us, because basically a few in Europe do, but none in America will stand up to Turkey for Cyprus in their own home governments.
It’s our hope that more and more Europeans will stand up and say no to the illegal Turkish settlers sitting on our stolen land in occupied-Cyprus, that Turkey will be called on its lies and invasion denial. The issue of Turkey entering the EU , is basically a battle being fought in Europe , and Greek-Cypriots must change with the times. They should give attention and allocate money towards enlightment within the country members of the EU. Lots of money has been ill spent in America without concrete results therefore Cyprus should look towards and within the EU countries.