Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jobbik: Turkey must respect EU-borders

Csanad Szegedi Jobbik MEP and party vice-president
Greece has asked the European Union (EU) for the immediate deployment of Rapid Border Intervention Teams along its frontier with Turkey, where five times as many illegal crossings than usual were detected lately. Athens alone is unable to cope with illegal immigration which tends to threaten all of Europe including Hungary.

Since Ankara does not respect EU frontiers as it is not preventing the illegal crossings, this unacceptable state of affairs clearly indicates that accession of Turkey to the European Union is definitely out of place. Illegal immigrants and 'refugees' from Turkey, the Middle East or Africa inherently mean drugs, delinquency let alone the growing number of third world welfare spongers.
Turkey is not suitable for full EU membership because it cannot comply with European values. It is our best interest to hold off countries which seem not to meet the requirements.
I expect Brussels to call upon Ankara to be observant of our borders.

Csanád Szegedi
Member of the European Parliament (Jobbik)
Vice-president of Jobbik