Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Police’s Specialist Black Gun Crime Unit Faces Disbandment as Shootings Continue

The special police task force set up to combat the black immigrant-origin gun crime wave faces disbandment after statistics have shown that it has been ineffective at stopping the Third World gang warfare that is engulfing several UK cities.
Operation Trident, set up 12 years ago in an ignorant attempt to “tackle a rise in gun attacks [amongst] London's African-Caribbean community,” is set to be rolled up and disbanded in terms of the “efficiency budget cuts” announced earlier by the ConDem regime.
The specialist unit was set up after a number of investigations blamed the black gun crime plague on whites for all-encompassing “institutional racism.”
This ‘blame whitey’ approach was repeated once again this past week by Claudia Webbe, head of the Trident independent advisory group, when approached for comment on the imminent closure of Operation Trident.
“Trident has successfully demonstrated that it is a powerful partnership between the police and the community in tackling the disproportionate effects of gun crime on black communities ... despite previous policing failures and charges of 'institutional racism',” Ms Webbe was quoted as saying.
The bizarreness of her anti-white logic passed unremarked in the controlled media, who ignored the obvious question of why there are “disproportionate effects of gun crime on black communities.”
The latest figures from Scotland Yard show that despite the politically correct brigades’ best efforts to combat “institutional racism,” the harsh reality is that gun crime “still affects black communities disproportionally.”
The Yard figures showed that shooting incidents in London during 2009 were nearly double that of the previous year, statistics which led the far left extremist Guardian newspaper to admit that “gun crime in some areas is out of control.”
There was a 17 percent rise in overall firearms offences and the number of shootings almost doubled from 123 to 236 in the last six months of 2009, compared with the same period the previous year, a rise of 91.8 percent.
Serious firearms offences have risen by 47 percent across the capital. According to Metropolitan police chief, Sir Paul Stephenson, those discharging the firearms and those being shot at are young teenagers involved in "respect shootings" to settle petty disputes with little thought of the consequences.
The Guardian went on to admit that the number of incidents reported is only a fraction of what is taking place.
"Gun crime has never gone away," the paper quoted the Rev Les Isaac from south London, as saying. "Firearms are being discharged more or less on a daily basis in some parts of London."
He added: "Those using the guns have got younger. These children are unpredictable, they have access to guns and they are willing to use them."
The reality is that it is not white peoples’ fault that there is a black gun crime problem. It is an issue which emanates from the black community, and no amount of liberal mumbo-jumbo can avoid this truth.
Given the worldwide phenomena of black crime, no matter what the socioeconomic circumstances and country, it is obvious that this issue is only one which can be solved when the Third World immigration invasion of Britain and all European countries is addressed.