Friday, November 5, 2010


For Immediate Release: November 4, 2010

The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) is pleased to announce that Armenian Genocide denier and Turkish invasion denier Michael McMahon was defeated in the Congressional elections for District 13 in New York by Republican challenger Michael Grimm. In March of this year McMahon as Congressman voted against the Armenian Genocide resolution and received funding from Turkish foreign sources three weeks after this vote.
The Greek American community of Brooklyn and Staten Island and throughout the greater New York area was mobilized against McMahon thanks to early initiatives and hard work by CANA and the ANCA Armenian National Committee of America. Eleni Kostopoulos, a Bay Ridge Brooklyn resident and lead writer for community issues for the National Herald wrote a series of articles about Genocide denial and McMahon following press releases issued by CANA to the community. In the (March 12-March 19, 2010) weekly edition of The National Herald Eleni Kostopoulos wrote about McMahon’s vote against the Armenian Genocide in Congress ““I was particularly bothered by this narrow margin victory when I was informed that the congressman who represents my district (a district comprised of an estimated 20,000 Greek Americans) was one of those 22 voters against the resolution. Michael McMahon is a congressman I will not vote for come congressional elections.”
In the weeks following the McMahon’s vote, Greek American and Armenian American community activists protested a fundraiser at Ali Baba’s Turkish restaurant in Manhattan, where McMahon went to receive Turkish government funding for his genocide denial in Congress. This was covered by the community press and recorded on you tube:


Armenian and Greek American activists protest NY Rep. McMahon: Greek Reporter USA

Activists Protest McMahon Effort to Cash-In on Anti-Armenian Genocide Vote

ANCA grassroots YouTube:

Distinguished Greek-Cypriot researcher and journalist Fanoulla Argyrou also reported on this in Greek, in a report widely disseminated to Greek and Greek-Cypriot media

Τα «30 αργύρια» του Michael McMahon Για άμεση κυκλοφορία: 30 Μάρτιος, 2010

Despite bitter protests to the representatives of the Cypriot government controlled lobby –PSEKA and “National Coordinated Effort of Hellenes” and Cyprus Federation of America CFA.—the so-called “lobby” continued their support of McMahon , the genocide denier, based on his support of the Turkish-British bizonal bicommunal federation, --Panicos Papanicolaou , Nikos Mouyiaris, and Philip Christopher (all of whom are immigrants from Cyprus and make up the majority of the leadership of the National Coordinated Effort of Hellenes) continued to organize fundraisers for McMahon—as reported by marginal Astoria-based newspaper “Greek News” (whose publisher has family ties to the Cypriot government) Panicos Papanicolaou went so far as to say McMahon “has Cyprus in his heart” sure Panicos can now discuss this at length with the loser McMahon over an Irish Guinness….

McMahon was so fond of this one “Greek” article that he posted it on his own loser website:

The article was written by Apostolos Zoupaniotis, the publisher of the marginal “Greek News”, earlier in the year he also posted a series of pro-McMahon screeds on his newspaper’s websites attempting the “kill the messenger” that brought the news out that McMahon is a Genocide denier and gets Turkish funding, here’s one in English that is almost as bad as Christofias’ was at the Brookings Institution:

Christofias’ bizonal ideology was not lost on McMahon, who repeatedly said he supported bizonality. And Christofias’ support of McMahon runs deep, in this picture we see McMahon with his characteristic “I smell something bad smile” alongside Christofias.

What this lesson teaches us is that the so-called “lobby” (or Cypriot government controlled lobby”) has failed, that despite its feet stomping that would make a three year old proud, the Greek American community when shown the evidence will NEVER side with Genocide denial and those who take Turkish blood money. The age of the internet has given CANA the wide coverage that dwarfs little marginal newspapers like “Greek News” We at CANA are happy that the people won this time, McMahon is defeated.
It’s time that the Greek American community starts being run by the Greek Americans and not by foreign controlled lobbies, this defeat of McMahon show how our people united can never be defeated.
It’s sad that the well-funded so-called “lobby” failed to organize at the grass-roots and we are left in this election with only 2 full-blooded Greeks in Congress, Bilirakis and Sarbanes. Meanwhile, grassroots power has won this election, the ANCA Press Release this morning reads , OVER 90% OF ANCA BACKED CANDIDATES WIN: “Each of the six non-incumbents endorsed and backed by the ANCA won their elections, including, most notably Michael Grimm, who, with the energetic support of ANCA activists in New York, unseated Armenian Genocide Resolution opponent Rep. Michael McMahon (D-NY). Grimm has been vocal about his support for Armenian Genocide legislation and the need to end Turkey’s occupation of Cyprus in meetings with Armenian and Greek American activists, who volunteered with the Republican challenger’s campaign.”

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Nikolaos Taneris, Press Officer, Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA)