Sunday, October 3, 2010

“Mr. President, for God’s sake shut your mouth”! - A massive cry of indignation against Christofias

An outburst of indignation from all in Cyprus for the despicable, irresponsible, historically invalid statements by president Christofias in the USA
Here follow together with the reports on his actual statements, various articles which have flooded the newspapers in Cyprus and which are being copied by hundreds of websites that are adding their own severe critiques to these unprecedented statements by Christofias in the USA .
President Demetris Christofias speaking at Brookings Institute in America said “…both motherlands invaded Cyprus”.
He will not annoy the status of the British bases in Cyprus and noted that this matter will be left to be sorted out by our…grandchildren.
And that he does not expect the Attila forces to leave Cyprus, he does not regard as realistic their withdrawal! Whereas and at the same time the Foreign Minister of Greece Mr. Droutsas (who is of Greek Cypriot descent) in a speech at the UN headquarters called upon Turkey to withdraw its forces of occupation from occupied Cyprus!
According to Greek American newspaper National Herald, Mr.Christofias called upon the Greek Cypriot community in America to work with the .. Turks!
In a statement to the Voice of America he stated that his “vision” is to re-unite Cyprus in Bizonal Bicommunal Federation (which is a Turkish demand since before the invasion of 1974 and a solution promoted by the British Foreign Office during the July and August negotiations in Geneva and officially adopted by the B.F.O on 16 August 1974 as the solution to impose on Cyprus and which would satisfy Turkey. This solution has been rejected by the people of Cyprus on 24.4.2004 through the referendum rejecting the Annan Plan). «
Κραυγή οργής από τους πάντες» Simerini 30.1.2010 report on reactions in Cyprus to Christofias statements in America by Michaella Loizou. «Εγκωμιασμό Τουρκίας «πέτυχε» ο Χριστόφιας» Simerini 29.9.2010 by Lazaros Mavros report to Fileleftheros by Michalis Ignatiou in Washington on the statements by Christofias « Εισέβαλαν και δύο μητέρες» 30.9.2010 Leader article by Chief Editor of Phileleftheros Aristos Michaelides
«ΦΑΙΝΟΜΕΝΑ Μα, χρειάζονται και εξηγήσεις;» «Εθελοτυφλία και… τουρκικά συμφέροντα» Simerini 30.9.2010 by Lazaros Mavros Leader article
«Δικαιώνει τον Αττίλα!» by Savvas Iacovides
«Με Πρόεδρο τον Χριστόφια, «δεν έχουμε πραγματικά υπόθεση»!» article by Costakis Antoniou «Προς Θεού, Πρόεδρε, σταμάτα να μιλάς!»