Tuesday, September 14, 2010


NEW YORK—On August 3rd, the US Senate Foreign relations Committee chairman John Kerry postponed a committee vote on the nomination of US Ambassador to Azerbaijan designate Matt Bryza in response to a hold over request by Senator Barbara Boxer.

Matt Bryza’s troubling diplomatic record and his conflicts of interest issues in regards to his bias towards Turkey’s cycle of impunity and denial of Turkey’s crimes of Genocide and Turkey’s illegal invasion and occupation of Cyprus makes him an unsuitable representative for America in any post.
The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) calls on Greek-Cypriot Americans to strongly oppose the Bryza nomination based on his support of the deeply flawed Annan plan. Based on Turkish-British racist bizonal bicommunal federation, the Annan Plan would have falsely legitimized the illegal Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, would have allowed the illegal Turkish settlers to remain in homes and properties stolen from Greek-Cypriots by the Turkish military and would have ultimately transformed Cyprus into a Turkish protectorate with British bases, after the eventual forced migration of all Greek-Cypriots and all other indigenous Christian minorities on the island -- Latins, Arab Maronites and Armenians.

At a press conference on July 21, 2006 on his return from a ten day trip to Turkey, Greece and Cyprus, in response to a question on the status of the Annan Plan and whether it’s off the table, he stated:
“I would just repeat what I said, that the basic ideas that are—that became known as the Annan Plan reflect wisdom and hard work and a spirit of fairness, I would argue.”
In his July 21, 2006 press conference, Bryza responded to a question from a Turkish reporter from the Anatolia News Agency asking “what does the U.S. government plan to help these people [Turkish Cypriots] end their isolation?”
Mr. Bryza responded “that we have done a number of things….We are providing $30.5 million in assistance…to the Turkish Cypriot community….So we are already actively working to end the isolation of Turkish Cypriots—or to ease the isolation of Turkish Cypriots.”
In a Press Release on the official website of the Turkish Embassy in Washington DC, Matt Bryza is quoted prominently as follows:

““We are constantly thinking about how we can minimize, reduce, eliminate the isolation of our Turkish Cypriot friends. This is not simply because we seek to reward our Turkish Cypriot friends for voting in favor of the Annan Plan, but because we realize that the best way to facilitate a long term settlement is to raise the economic well-being of Turkish Cypriots so that there are not economic disparities between the north and the south.”
Mr. Bryza’s comments are a prime example of his continuing personal lobbying on behalf of Turkey .
Mr. Bryza’s persistent parroting of Turkey’s arguments based on false historical revisionism of Turkey’s crimes of invasion and occupation of Cyprus are a deliberate effort to mislead Washington and Americans overall about the truth regarding Turkey.
Mr. Bryza is married to Zeyno Baran a Turkish-born foreign analyst at the Hudson Institute. Baran is a major producer of Turkish invasion denial propaganda over the years. She and Bryza have documented links and connections to the Turkish government and deep state involved in making Turkish-occupied-Cyprus an illegal base for international narcotics trafficking and terrorism.
Matt Bryza in no way should represent American interests; we encourage the Greek-Cypriot American community and its friends to join the Armenian-American community to stop Bryza.