Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Last summer E.LA.M. showed its strength by participating in all the manifestations of 'Hellenism’ in Cyprus.
On July 20 the National People's Front protested on the streets of Lefcosia against the Turkish invasion of 1974. The large number of participants of E.LA.M. ... caused the anger of the Cyprus media and of the corrupt political parties.
On August 8 militants and supporters of the nationalists, organized and disciplined, were transferred to the last piece of Hellenic and European land, in Paralimni, in honor of Tassos and Solomos who were killed a few years ago by the Turks during a demonstration near the "boundaries" with the Turkish zone.
Meanwhile E.LA.M inaugurated a new office in Lemesos. Now the seats are three in total with those of Lefcosia and Pafos.