Monday, August 30, 2010


Dear Mr. Obama,

I am not a politician or an expert of any sort on the Cyprus “situation.” I can merely point out my observation and make comments based on what I have lived and seen over the years.

I can honestly say as a Greek Cypriot citizen that I am embarrassed by what I feel is the U.S. ’s sidestepping of this issue. It upsets me whenever I read articles about the U.S. “commitment” to the Cyprus problem.

Politicians have an amazing talent for talking without really saying anything. I have read countless articles where U.S. politicians talk about resolving the Cyprus problem but dance around the real question and issue.

In resent article “ US supports demilitarization” you speak of “bringing the two communities together.”

You make it sound as if you are talking about two neighbors who are not happy with each other because one has damaged the other’s garden. From my understanding you should be talking about a neighbor who forcefully took the other’s home, killed members of their family and then moved in and have been living there illegally for over 36 years. I think this would be a better analogy, don’t you agree?

I was always taught that America stood for freedom and democracy, but the fact is it only stands for these ideals when something is to be gained. Generally it all comes down to money or geography and who is more strategically located; Turkey or Cyprus . I’m sure if Cyprus had large oil reserves the U. S. never would have allowed its invasion in the first place.

As Americans you always try to be everyone’s “big brother” in the world and are always portraying yourselves as the best. That is the American away isn’t it? If this is so, then to use an American expression “why don’t we put our money where our mouth is” and do something? How as a “superpower” can you condemn human rights violations and then stand by and ignore them when it is convenient or in your own best interests to do so?

You can’t have it both ways Mr. Obama. In an ideal world everyone and every culture could and would live in peace and harmony.

That is a beautiful sentiment, but in fact as history shows a naive one. If the U. S. is truly committed to democracy and freedom and condemns humans rights violations than it should stop playing politics and start taking decisive action to solve this situation.

The United States and others should remember this “situation” is not about politics, money or geography, but people.

Marios K Damaskinos B.Sc.

Permanent address: 127 Stratigou Tsangaride Ave , - 6 mile point, Karavas, Kyrenia , Cyprus Republic.