Sunday, June 13, 2010


We are today peacefully demonstrating , in many cities in Europe, for the opening day of the football World Cup, that will catch the attention of billions of people all around the world. South Africa, as the organisator country, will also catch the attention of people and medias.

16 years ago, Apartheid was ended, and the African National Congress got into power in South Africa. It was supposed to be the birth of a « rainbow nation » where Black, White and others would be supposed to live in harmony in a post-racial society.

The reality of the 2010 South Africa needs to be said, as it’s often hidden by officials or medias. While South Africa was a dynamic economy, comparable to other western countries, it slowly felt down to a thrid-world economy, in which only a few high technology industries are left. One of the reasons of this failure is the « positive discrimination », which made from white engineers jobless people, and gave to black people the key-positions of the South African economy, because of their skin color and regardless their competences.

But before anything else, the South African failure is illustrated by the unimaginable criminality rate, with about 50 people killed everyday.
South Africa is also the country of a new – and kept under silence – genocide : the genocide of the white people living in South Africa. Since 1994, about 1 million of white people fled from South Africa, while about 3000 white farmers were killed. Many of these attacks were not motivated by robbering – as many times nothing is stolen from the attacked white farms – but by anti-white racism and ethnic cleaning.

Until now, there hasn’t been any official position of the international institutions about this situation. While the all world will focus on South Africa during the football World Cup, it is high time to focus also on the genocide against the white South Africans, and put an end to it. This is the reason of the peacefull demonstrations that happened today and may happen during all the competition.

Comunicato congiunto Forza Nuova, Jobbik, Democracia Nacional