Monday, June 21, 2010


On Thursday the 17th of June in Lefcosia members of the police arrested a militant of the National People’s Front . They went to the place of his work and arrested him with the false accusation of making air tickets to … illegal immigrants !
Can you imagine a nationalist who works as an employee in a travel agency and cooperates with illegal immigrants ?
Then they went to his house in order to search and they took his personal computer . That was what they really were looking for.
The Cypriot government which is composed mostly by communists, targets the nationalists and send the police which is fully controlled by them to search the houses of all those who are opposed to communism .
In this case their main aim was to take the computer of the militant of the National People’s Front in order to find clues and personal details of the other militants of N.P.F of Cyprus and accuse them.
Of course they didn’t find anything because the N.P.F. is a legal party which participated in the last Euro elections.
In the year 2010 , in Cyprus we are still having a communist party which rules as well when at the same time in the rest of the civilized world , communism is minimized or is put outlaw like in Hungary and Poland !