Thursday, June 10, 2010

Muslim Liar Reveals Depth of Controlled Media’s Deception

The revelation that a Muslim “community leader” made up a pack of lies about being abducted at knifepoint by “racist attackers” which was then broadcast to the world as the “truth,” has illustrated the depths to which the controlled media sinks to make up falsehoods about the British National Party.

metro-liesNoor Ramjanally said that he had been abducted “from his home in daylight by two white men” who threatened him with a knife, bundled him into a car then drove him into woodland.

There, the “respected” Muslim leader claimed, the “white racists” had demanded he stop organising Islamic prayer sessions at a local community centre.

At the time, Mr Ramjanally said (and his quotes were repeated verbatim in the media) that the words “from his abductors matched the BNP propaganda.”

It now transpires that the entire incident was invented and hidden CCTV cameras showed that Mr Ramjanally was out shopping when the “racist attack” and “abduction at knifepoint” was supposedly taking place.

While the BNP always knew Mr Ramjanally was lying (due to obvious inconsistencies in his account), the controlled media made no such sober assessment.

The BBC ran the headline “Racists kidnapped Muslim leader,” while the London Metro read “Muslim leader kidnapped in BNP hate war.”

The extremist leftist Guardian newspaper announced that the “incident was linked to the BNP” and even carried a three-and-a-half minute audio report on the supposed attack.

All of these media outlets and the many others which also carried the story far and wide, are now forced to eat humble pie — but this is not the real story.

For example, what would those same media outlets have done if a BNP official had come forward and made outrageous claims about being abducted and assaulted by Muslims in a racist attack?

Would the media have granted him the same uncompromising support and implicitly believed everything he said?

Would the controlled media have uncritically repeated every single allegation without bothering to check any of it out?

The answer is no; they would not have.

In fact, the controlled media have a firmly established record of covering up real crimes committed against white British people, never mind spreading obviously made-up ones as well.

The value of the Ramjanally example lies, therefore, not in the fact that just another “hate crime” has been faked, but rather as an object lesson in how the controlled media lies and manipulates news in its campaign to destroy Britain forever.